BAPHL 19: Same Area Different Hunts

Event Summary

BAPHL 19 took place on October 6, 2018 in the Lechmere area of Cambridge from 10am to 6pm.
A total of 46 teams competed in the Acute (Competitive) division and 16 teams in the Right (Casual) division.
BAPHL 19 organizers Phlogazither (made up of the teams Phlogiston, Azote, and Ether) agreed to have a hunt based on triangles, but acrimoniously couldn't teach a consensus on its execution: one faction (Phlogiston) wanted it based on the musical instrument and wrote music-themed puzzles, but the other (Azote) preferred Bermuda Triangle-inspired puzzles with a pirate theme. The disagreements got so bad they SABOTAGED each other's puzzles, used ESPIONAGE to disclose secret information on the other team's puzzles, and MISMANAGED everything so badly opposing team puzzles even overlapped each other and budgets were blown.
The third faction (Ether) got caught up in the middle and tried to use their own puzzles to bring harmony to the hunt to get everyone back together as one. But will they succeed?
Top Finishers (fastest listed first):

Acute/Competitive Teams
The Natural 20s
Mystik Spiral
[citation needed]
Death 2
Scenic Travelers
111 Mice
This Space Intentionally Left Blank Schaudenfraude
✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈
Team Name to Come
teAM TEtrahedron
Cetacean Needed

Right/Casual Teams
Old Wafflehaus

Puzzles and SolutionsTop

Reference Materials and Welcome Letter Competitive     Casual
Path Directions Competitive and Casual
Phlogiston (Music) Meta and Answer Sheet Daniel Lepage and Kevin Wald Competitive Casual
Azote (Pirates) Meta and Answer Sheet Daniel Lepage and Kevin Wald Competitive and Casual

Sabotage Intro / Answer Sheet Competitive and Casual

Phlogiston (Music): Competitive Casual
Ravel joon pahk, Ben Smith, Phil Steindel, and Andy Kravis
Everything in Modulation Phil Steindel, Rachel Steindel Burdin, and James Burdin
Stop! Hammer Time! Kevin Wald

Azote (Pirates): Competitive Casual
Arrr-Squared Jenny Gutbezahl and Phil Steindel
Aw, Ships! Daniel Lepage and Ben Smith
Smuggler's Cove Kevin Wald

Sabotage Meta: Over Troubled Waters Daniel Lepage Competitive Casual

Espionage Intro / Answer Sheet Competitive and Casual

Phlogiston (Music): Competitive Casual
Mister Rogers' Rules of Order Jenny Gutbezahl, Ben Smith, and Joe Cabrera
Triplet Features Eli Barrieau
Scratching Out a Tune Ben Smith
Images needed for Phlogiston's Espionage Puzzles (spied by Azote) various Competitive Casual

Azote (Pirates): Competitive Casual
The Pirates Who Don't Do Many Things Kevin Wald
Tiki Grog Jenny Gutbezahl and Joe Cabrera
Mystery Island Treasure Hunt Ben Smith and Kevin Wald
Audio transcriptions needed for Azote's Espionage Puzzles (spied by Phlogiston) various Competitive Casual

Espionage Meta: Meta Hari Kevin Wald Competitive Casual

Mismanage Intro / Answer Sheet Competitive and Casual

Phlogiston (Music) and Azote (Pirates): Competitive Casual
The Devil Went Down to Georgia (P)
(double puzzle)
Kevin Wald and Katie Hamill
Practice Your Scales! (P)
(location-specific* double puzzle)
Jenny Gutbezahl and Brie Frame
Flyre Festival (P)(location-specific*) Aaron Fuegi, Katherine Bryant, Phil Steindel, and Susan Glass
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (A)
(double puzzle — part of The Devil Went Down to Georgia)
Search for Yer Booty! (A)
(location-specific* double puzzle — part of Practice Your Scales!)
Buried Treasure (A) Andy Kravis, Katherine Bryant, joon pahk, and Joe Cabrera

Mismanage Meta: Balance
Your Budget In 10 Easy Steps
Ben Smith and Kevin Wald Competitive and Casual

Meta-Meta: The Farmer, The Fox, and The Chicken Aaron Fuegi, Susan Glass, joon pahk, Daniel Lepage, and Kevin Wald Competitive Casual

Solutions to Puzzles Competitive and Casual

* Not around Lechmere? Unable to solve in person? You'll need this off-location supplement for the two location-specific puzzles.


Puzzle construction, event design, and organization
Team Phlogazither: Eli Barrieau, Katherine Bryant, James Burdin, Joe Cabrera, Tyler Crosby, Brie Frame, Aaron Fuegi, Susan Glass, Jenny Gutbezahl, Katie Hamill, Andy Kravis, Daniel Lepage, joon pahk, Ben Smith, Phil Steindel, Rachel Steindel Burdin, and Kevin Wald
Cat Herder
Ben Smith
Graphics and Design
Joe Cabrera


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Test solvers
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BAPHL founder and website maintainer Hubert Hwang, and Madison Print


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