BAPHL 6: BAPHL of the BandsTop

BAPHL 6 was held on Saturday, September 15, 2012, beginning at 11am. 40 teams participated, consisting of 32 teams in the Hard Rock division and 8 in the Easy Listening Division (who solved the same puzzles but were supplied with a packet of hints along with unlimited hinting from organizers). 16 teams completed the entire hunt, with plugh finishing first.

The hunt began at Seven Hills Park in Davis Square, where manager to the stars Anthony Gent invited teams to become his newest proteges now that Mystik Spiral had retired from the BAPHL of the Bands. Teams were given five puzzles (corresponding to five brand new songs) as well as an answer sheet with fifteen incomplete first lines of songs. They were also provided with Braille, Morse, and semaphore alphabets, and a periodic table.

The first goal was to complete three lyrics in order to land a gig at Johnny D's Uptown in Davis Square. Teams that accomplished this (along with any other teams at 1pm) were given more puzzle and sent to TOAD in Porter Square, where they would need to turn in a total of eight lyrics. Teams accomplishing this (along with other teams at 4pm) were sent to Central Square and the legendary Boston-area music venue The Middle East. Turning in thirteen puzzles entitled teams to receive a set of instructions on how to assemble the perfect setlist to win the BAPHL of the Bands.

Previous BAPHLs have been walking-based, and this was the first edition of the hunt to send teams from location to location via the T. We hoped the frequent change of scenery would keep things fresh and interesting, giving it an Amazing Race feel. A large proportion of teams (35 of 40 if our records are correct) stuck it out to the end and attended our after-party at the Middle East, where the top teams and randomly chosen others (drawn in a Raphl of the Bands weighted by number of puzzles solved) received Middle East gift cards.

The teams that completed BAPHL 6 before the party were (in order from earliest to latest):

  1. plugh
  2. Bigfield Fighting Koobish
  3. Phlogiston
  4. Azote
  5. Win, Lose, or Banana!
  6. 111 Mice
  7. Death From Above
  8. Cannonfodder
  9. Guitar Heroes
  10. TUFTS
  11. The Sons of Tamarkin
  12. Morse Coders
  13. Maxwell Young and the Wave-Particle Duality
  14. Unquiet Riot
  15. Selectric Ravens
  16. Left Out Too
Selectric Ravens and Left Out Too were in a virtual tie for 15th place, and Brute Force submitted an answer to the metapuzzle during the after-party.

Puzzles & SolutionsTop

(NOTE: If you would prefer to download a single printable file with all of the puzzles and gig info linked below (but without the solutions), here it is!)

Answer sheet with lyrics to complete:

First batch of puzzles (for confirmation at Johnny D's Uptown):

Second batch of puzzles (for confirmation at TOAD):

Third batch of puzzles (for confirmation at The Middle East):

Final metapuzzle:


Individual constructor credits are listed with puzzle solutions. Thanks most of all who everybody who solved and made this a great event!


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