The Story

Five friends have gathered together to play the first session of their role-playing campaign, using the well known Brave Adventurers and PHantastical Legends system. However... the players had not yet completed their character creation process, and you would have to help them finish.

Once you help the players select their skills and their character's objectives, it was time to find the DM. It turns out that the DM had kind of procrastinated too. They plunged you right into the final battle against a fearful radiation golem! What will happen to our heroes?

Date / Teams

BAPHL 20 took place on Sunday, June 9th in the Cambridgeport neighborhood of Cambridge, MA. A total of 38 teams participated in the Advanced division and 18 in the Standard division.

Congratulations to the finishing teams! (All teams listed alphabetically.)

Baby Kittens
Baby Velociraptor Rolls for Initiative
Bigfield Fighting Koobish
Frumious Bandersnatch
Galactic Trendsetters
Immodest, Illegible, and Fatuous
Quarks and Gluons
Cryptic Injoke
Don't Get (Dehydrated/Run Over)
Sum Puzzlers

Puzzles and Solutions


In the hunt, solving a puzzle would earn you a card representing the skill, spell, item, or song that you helped a character select. The cards are needed to solve the corresponding meta to find the character's objective.

Intro Packet
Crosswordsperson (Character Sheet)
Close-Packing Hubert Hwang Solution Card
Nashcan Kevin Hwang, Emily Rosser Solution Card
Overseas Training Hubert Hwang Solution Card
Words and Shapes Hubert Hwang Solution Card
Crosswordsperson Meta Hubert Hwang, Kevin Hwang Solution Card
Kakurogue (Character Sheet)
I Heard You Say... James Douberley Solution Card
Much Ado About Nothing Sean Molley Solution Card
Nutty Characters Genie Luzwick Solution Card
Race for the Veggie Galaxy Kevin Hwang Location Info (coming soon) Solution Card
Kakurogue Meta Hubert Hwang Solution Card
Metamagician (Character Sheet)
The Darkness Hubert Hwang Solution Card
Drop It Like It's Dot (Matrix) Hubert Hwang Location Info Solution Card
It's Magic Hubert Hwang Solution Card
Zoinks! Hubert Hwang Solution Card
Metamagician Meta Hubert Hwang, James Douberley Solution Card
Sokobard (Character Sheet)
Clippy Laina Lomina, Mark Leach Solution Card
Non-Wandering Monster Table Sean Molley Solution Card
We'll Get There When We Get There Laina Lomina, Mark Leach Solution Card
Won't Get BAPHL'd Again Kevin Hwang, Emily Rosser Solution (coming soon) Card
Sokobard Meta Kevin Hwang Solution (coming soon) Card
The Final Encounter
The Final Encounter Kevin Hwang Solution (coming soon)


Puzzle Writers and Testsolvers
Sid Creutz, James Douberley, Hubert Hwang, Kevin Hwang, Mark Leach, Laina Lomina, Genie Luzwick, Sean Molley, fRobert Myers, Erin Price, Heidi Pritchett, Chris Roske, Emily Rosser, Brian Schoner, Ariel Schwartz, Emily Tsui, Arcturus Wang
Registration / Finances
Laina Lomina
Zach Barryte
Web Design
Ariel Schwartz
On-site Team
Hubert Hwang, Kevin Hwang, Laina Lomina, Xiang Luo, Sean Molley, fRobert Myers, Emily Rosser