The Story

Previously, BAPHL 15 happened in August 2016 and detailed the search for BAPHL 14, "the best BAPHL of all time". It turned out that it had been sent... to the future!

Originally, BAPHL 14 was a celebration of the past thirteen BAPHL events, filled with excitement galore and extravagant excess. The theme was anniversaries, as it was originally set to take place six years to the day after BAPHL 1. Teams would work their way through puzzles commemorating the previous themes of BAPHL in chronological order, and would be given a gift by the organizers to celebrate their success.

Then BAPHL 14 disappeared from the timeline.

In November 2016, BAPHL 14 reappeared - but its reappearance caused an entire reorganization of events up and down the timeline. Previous BAPHL events themselves moved in time! The Bureau of Anti-Paradox Historians and Logicians has tasked you to figure out the root cause of its disappearance and fix the timeline once and for all!

Puzzles and Materials

Intro Packet

2011 - 2012

2013 - 2014

2015 - 2016


Other Materials


BAPHL 14 was created by Hubert Hwang, Kevin Hwang, Mark Leach, Laina Lomina, and Sean Molley.


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