BAPHL 11: The Boston Adventures of Professor Hershel Layton

BAPHL Information

BAPHL 11 was run on November 1, 2014 on the MIT campus, from 11am to 6pm.

46 different teams participated: 39 in the Professor division and 7 in the Apprentice division. Of these teams, 18 finished in the Professor division.
During the Boston Adventures of Professor Hershel Layton, teams were (ostensibly) competing for an apprenticeship with Layton. However, when they arrived, they discovered many fake copies of Layton instead. Teams did puzzle battle with each copy, and eventually uncovered the location and identity of the true Professor himself.
Team Finish time (pm)
Azalea Pen Co. 2:25
Mystik Spiral Due to a miscommunication, we didn't give Mystik Spiral the final puzzle in a timely fashion, so we subtracted what we felt was an appropriate amount of time. The winner is too close to call, so we're saying this one is a tie. 2:25
111 Mice 2:40
plugh 2:50
Large Scantron Collider   3:00
Azote 3:09
ET Phone In Answer 3:30
Death from Above 3:42
Win, Lose, or Banana! 3:54
Phlogiston 4:06
Scenic Travelers 4:16
Clambassadors 4:17
Death from Above 2: The New Batch 4:42
maet 4:54
Mostly Fish 5:26
LHPAB 5:28
Scrivener's Eclat 5:45
Arc Tangrams 5:50
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Puzzles and Solutions

  Introductory Packet
Chapter 1
  Puzzle No. 012 Josh Alman   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
  hELLO Jon Schneider   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
  Multiple Choice Ben Yang   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
  Answer Answer Galactic Trendsetters   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
Chapter 2
  Sheep Herding Anderson Wang   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
  Operation Anderson Wang, Jon Schneider   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
  Mirror Charles Tam   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
Chapter 3
  Professor Layton and the Guided   Tour of the Private Institute Charles Tam, Patrick Yang   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
  Double or Nothing Jon Schneider   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
  Logs and Graphs Anderson Wang, Patrick Yang   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
Chapter 4
  Puzzle Puzzle Jon Schneider   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
  The Missing Link Anderson Wang, Nathan Pinsker   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
  The Azran Vault Jon Schneider, Nathan Pinsker   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
  Double or Something Josh Alman, Ben Yang,
Damien Jiang
  Professor   Apprentice   Solution
  Layton's True Location Galactic Trendsetters   Professor   Apprentice   Solution
  Layton's True Identity Teams were given this puzzle only after they finished the first metapuzzle (Layton's True Location). DD Liu   Professor   Apprentice   Solution


The writing team for BAPHL 11 was Galactic Trendsetters, a group of MIT students (and recent alumni).
Puzzle construction, event design, and organization
Josh Alman, Justine Jang, Damien Jiang, Mitchell Lee, Nathan Pinsker, Jon Schneider, Charles Tam, Anderson Wang, Ben Yang, Patrick Yang, Leon Zhou
Graphics and design
DD Liu, Lucy Zhang
Test solvers and other contributors
Abby Caron, Anders Kaseorg, Ian Osborn, Josh Sloane, Jakob Weisblat
...and many other members of Floorpi (3W), East Campus


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