Congratulations to the Winners!

Congratulations to Zupplers, winners of Normal Mode, and plugh, winners of Hard Mode!

What Happened

The "press release" that kicked everything off:
BROOKLINE, MA -- The Brookline Archaeological and Paleo-Historical Library (BAPHL) has found a puzzling journal tentatively dated from the early 20th century. The leather-bound journal was found in the corner of the stockroom at the well-known local bookstore Brookline Booksmith.
"The book itself is in good condition but the entire text is written in some sort of code that we haven't been able to crack," said BAPHL chairman James Tyndall. "We don't know who wrote it or what's inside."
BAPHL is therefore calling on puzzle solvers to help them figure out the contents of this mysterious journal. Because of the possibly sensitive nature of the contents, all teams of solvers are asked to register at the BAPHL's website, The journal will undergo further forensic testing at the BAPHL underground laboratory, and will be released to registered solvers on May 14th, 2011.
Hmm, fishy.
Upon arriving, each team was given an envelope with puzzle pieces in it. (Due to punts and mergers, some teams were given more than one.) Putting together the puzzle pieces revealed an even larger puzzle piece, which would have to be combined with the other teams' puzzle pieces to form a message that also had an encryption key running around the border.
After that, BAPHL announced that they would be able to start decrypting the rest of the journal pages, and handed out puzzles 1 and 2. Upon solving one of those, teams would receive puzzles 3 and 4, and then upon solving any of the three open puzzles, they would receive the walkaround puzzle.
1 Hall of Mirrors (N) Solution Hall of Mirrors (H) Solution
2 Global Conspiracy (N) Solution Global Conspiracy (H) Solution
3 Sixteen Lovely Ladies Solution
4 Venomous Snakes and Ladders (N) Solution Venomous Snakes and Ladders (H) Solution
M The Great Work Begins (N) Solution The Great Work Begins (H) Solution
Teams would not receive any more puzzles until finishing The Great Work Begins, even if they solved additional puzzles. Upon solving it, teams would be told to meet a BAPHL representative somewhere in the area. The member of BAPHL would tell them that they had begun the summoning ritual for an extradimensional being known as "The Bright One" that BAPHL had been studying for years. BAPHL intends to tame that being and use its vast powers to rule the earth, mwahahahaha.
Simultaneously with the in-person meeting, a member of the BAPHL Resistance would call the team and give them the other side of the story: that the Bright One was a demon named Baphlupagus who could not be controlled. There is hope, though: the final summoning ritual could be inverted to close the way and prevent Baphlupagus from emerging into the world.
Teams would have to make a choice at this point: save the world, or help destroy it? Once they chose, they were given the next two puzzles to resume the hunt.
5 I Spy
images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
6 Scavenger Hunt
[See some of the things we received!]
7 The Horrors to Come (N)
audio: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Solution The Horrors to Come (H)
audio: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
8 Scene of a Quake (N) Solution Scene of a Quake (H) Solution
9 Bean Count (N) Solution Bean Count (H) Solution
MD The Ritual of Summoning (N) Solution The Ritual of Summoning (H) Solution
MS The Ritual of Banishing (N)
Answer Modifications
Solution The Ritual of Banishing (H)
Answer Modifications
Depending on the decision they made, teams would receive either the Ritual of Summoning (destroy) or the Ritual of Banishing (save). The Ritual of Banishing additionally required all of the answers to be modified before using them in the metapuzzle. And then, they would be sent to a final location to finish the appropriate ritual.
The ritual of summoning would culminate with the portal (a backpack) opening up and then Baphlupagus emerging... as a stuffed animal. Apparently someone sealed him away a long time ago and never bothered to tell the cult. Oops.
The ritual of banishing would culminate with the BAPHL Resistance member putting the finishing touches on the ritual, but gaping in horror as the portal began to open anyway... to reveal Baphlupagus sealed away in the body of a stuffed animal. Presumably you didn't get it quite right, but close enough.


BAPHL 3 was brought to you by team Yes!!!!!, consisting of esteemed occultists:
  • Diane Christoforo
  • Hubert Hwang
  • Josh Horowitz
  • Paul Hlebowitsh
  • Rishi Gupta